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Things That Grind Your Gears

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Lacking self-awareness

obnoxious man on phone in movie theatre

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RIPAnthony23: How loud and obnoxious people never learn that they are despised by other members of the public. You would think their thick skulls would eventually recognize how people are reacting to them.

Sheilalou008: Why people post annoying love quotes to their SO on Facebook. Just tell them, for fucks sake.

sappy facebook posting

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Where you going?

angry driver

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AnswersSomeQuestions: Why non-disabled people who are in a hurry will spend 5 minutes angrily driving around and around a busy parking lot fighting other drivers for a choice space close to the door when there are 30 empty spaces a bit further away. Walk an extra 30 seconds each way, save 4 minutes.
Also, why people line up behind 12 cars at the drive-through at peak hours when there’s only one guy standing in line inside. You’ll park, get in, order, get out and drive away in considerably less time in most cases. A lot of driver logic actually makes 0 sense to me.