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11 Things That Only Used to Be Legal for Women and Not Men

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Men Not Need Apply

Since pretty much the beginning of time, save for a few cultures, men have used their strength, size, and privilege to take on more dominant roles in society, often pushing women to the wayside.

Whether keeping them in homes, nunneries, or schools, women were very rarely allowed to join men for normal social functions, nonetheless lead their own lives or careers. But that didn’t stop them from enjoying their own special privileges as well.

From ancient times to modernity, certain places, professions, and laws have entirely benefitted women while ignoring the equal rights of men. Be it marriage, work, or even drinking alcohol, some of these women-only laws will open up your eyes to some of society’s strangest divides!

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Women Would NEVER!

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The Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 made homosexual intercourse between men (“gross indecency”) illegal in Great Britain, but did not mention women. Thus it was technically legal for women to have sex with same-sex partners, but not men.

Incidentally, there’s a popular legend that the bill originally contained a clause dealing with lesbianism, but Queen Victoria struck it out, saying “No woman would ever do such a thing!” There doesn’t seem to be any truth to this story. xero_abrasax

Some countries (Egypt, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, possibly some more that I’ve missed) still only criminalise male homosexual activity. Some of them have severe punishments for men including death penalty whilst there is no penalty for women. velvet_overground

To Each Her Own

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it’s especially common in many African countries for women to be in relationships or even marry, other women. Although the relationships are often not sexual in nature.

NPR recently had a segment on some of the villages where male homosexuality is outlawed, but women are allowed to marry each other. Most of the citizens of these countries weren’t even aware that women could be homosexual, they thought it was only something that happened to men! (tcspears)