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Things That Women Love to Do, but Men Can’t Stand

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But, ladies, do you really care?

Of course men and women have different opinions on what’s sexy. Cis, LGBT, queer, fluid; “sexy” is a personal thing. But there are some mainstream ideas of what is attractive. This is perpetuated by advertising and the media: Kim Kardashian made big butts the new big boobs, Victoria’s Secret now says hot women should be skinny and toned instead of curvy, and, of course, traditional “feminine” things like long hair, high heels, dresses and makeup. These Redditors chime in on what they don’t think is sexy about a woman.

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You do you, grrls!

Reindeer Games

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Playing hard to get all the time, especially when they establish that they like you. Once we get that out in the air, it shouldn’t always be a fight for your attention or affection. (yung_bubu)

Jordie says: This is a thing young girls tend to do. Grown women shouldn’t play around like that. Unless it’s hot foreplay.

Hot and Cold

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There’s a weird pattern I’ve noticed a few times where a girl will start out being extremely forward–for example, we’ll match on a dating app and she’ll steer the conversation toward sex right away (not just sex in general, but the prospect of her and I having it)–and then once she has my attention, she’ll start playing hard to get. Getting her to hang out will be like pulling teeth.

I think girls who do this have had trouble getting dates in the past, so they put sex on the table right away so they don’t get overlooked. Then they play hard to get because they actually want more than sex, and they (mistakenly) think if a guy jumps through hoops, it means he’s interested in more than sex too. ([deleted user])

Jordie says: WTF? Keep mansplaining, bro. Attraction is very important, especially on dating apps. Maybe she’s just feeling you out but has found a better prospect. Sometimes we just want sex, too.