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Things That Women Love to Do, but Men Can’t Stand

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Dog Eat Dog World

sexy selfie with dog filter

Source: Instagram @juliannapetrali

The dog filter on snapchat. (mastablasta05)

Jordie says: I don’t even have Snapchat. I feel old.

Orange you glad I didn’t GTL?

duckface selfie with orange tan

Source: Imgur

Being super tan.

Sure, being healthily tan because you’ve been on vacation/spend time outside looks fine. But going to a tanning salon on the regular and turning that uncanny, radioactive-looking orange-brown? Not my thing. (AGoodlyApple)

Jordie says: SMH. I don’t get this either. But if the girl thinks she looks good, then she’s doing it for herself.

Go Big or GTFO

really long nails

Source: Instagram @theladym66

Disgustingly long nails.

Duckfaces. (Gazudin)

Jordie says: How do you wipe your bum with two inch nails?