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Things You Thought Were Illegal but Aren’t

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Justice is blind… and so are some lawmakers, apparently.

From our earliest years, we are taught the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

What start as little rules from our parents, moral obligations from our families, and dos and do-nots from school evolve over time into larger, more structural laws that, we’re taught, were formed over hundreds or thousands of years to keep society in place.

But sometimes, the things we come to learn are illegal actually aren’t.

From carrying a gun wherever you want to drinking and driving, these are some of the craziest or silliest things that aren’t actually illegal.

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But should they be?

Removing the Tag From a Mattress

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As kids, many of us learn about the tantalizing and alleged illegality of removing mattress tags. Adorned with bold lettering warning us not to remove or mutilate the tag in anyway, I remember it always seemed so ridiculous that I could go to jail for doing something as simple as cutting a tag off of my own property.

Turns out this is a pretty huge misunderstanding. The tag simply can’t be removed before being purchased by an owner. So if you hate that crumply piece of paper on the edge of your bed, tear away.

Corporal Punishment

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Surely in 2016 strangers can’t just hit your kids, right? Wrong. In 19 states, largely in the South and mountain west, corporal punishment is still totally legal in schools both public and private. While not illegal by state law, many school districts in these states have prohibited corporal punishment, which includes various ways of causing bodily pain or discomfort for the sake of disciplinary actions.