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Think You Missed Your Shot? Here Are 14 Motivating Stories of Successful People Who Started Late in Life

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Stan Lee

big bang theory cameos stan lee

Source: Twitter @AlexKurosaki96

He’s considered the father of modern comic books, but he didn’t release his first major comic book until he was almost 40. Until then, he worked his way up from filling ink wells for comic artists to writing story lines.

Alan Rickman

alan rickman as professor snape harry potter

Source: Twitter @HarryPotterFilm

You’d think that the late actor Alan Rickman never strayed from the stage, but he opened a graphic design firm after he graduated college because he wanted a more stable career than acting could afford. He eventually went back to his first love.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson featured

Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

We love Jackson so much, but he had a bumpy road to stardom. Initally wanting to be a marine biologist in college, he eventually pursued acting on stage in New York City. He was almost ruined by his cocaine, alcohol, and heroin problems; he overdosed several times. After getting clean, he landed a notable film role in Jungle Fever in 1991; he was in his 40s.