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Thinking About Leaving Your Corporate Job for Something More Fufilling? Read These Stories

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Embrace Nature

lumberjack climbing tree against beautiful sunset

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“I left a boring 7-4 office job in IT, support mostly. I couldn’t stand sitting inside and dealing with angry people all day.

I’m currently an Arborist, I climb trees with a chainsaw for a living, I have my own company, plan my own time and I haven’t been this happy in all the time I had a ‘regular’ job. I also make more money and have much more free time, and because I work outside and get plenty of exercise I’m healthier and more fit than I’ve been ever before too.” –Priff


sexy flight attendant

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“I worked a Monday to Friday sales job 9-5 weekends off and it just didn’t cut it for me. I felt that there was more for me out there and decided to apply as a flight attendant for a major commercial airline company in my country. One of my top goals was to travel and explore the world. Best thing that has ever happened to me, I had to move to the other side of the country for my job but the rewards are priceless. Anytime you place yourself out of your comfort zone this is when you truly start to live and experience life for what it is. If you’re having thoughts about leaving your corporate job I suggest you just do it, chances are you’re probably not fully content if you’re thinking your options.” –AnxiousGrape

Let the panic attacks go.

happy man laying on ground with tech around him

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“Slightly longer version: After a long period of stress related health problems, I finally had the granddaddy of all panic attacks last September. I called my boss and put in my two minutes notice. I walked away from the world of high tech, hotel points and expense accounts, burning every bridge I had in the process so that I could work full time on finishing my book. I had nothing more than 2/3 of a manuscript and no prospective publishers lined up. For some unknown reason, my wife did not leave me.

After a sufficient cooling off period, I got to work on it. Used the last of my cash to hire a professional editor, illustrator and formatter. Luckily, that job I walked away from allowed me to spend a lot of time with professional advertisers, so I learned a thing or two about marketing along the way. I made the difficult and risky decision to self publish.

Once I released my book, I maxed out my credit cards so I could properly self promote. I skipped Christmas last year, because I was selling my possessions on ebay and craigslist so I could eat. Somehow my wife still didn’t leave me.

This month, I paid all of my bills with royalty earnings. Just barely, but I fucking did it. Sure, I used to have steak and craft beer 2 or 3 times a week, and I sported a pretty impressive cufflink collection there for a while. And now I eat microwave pizza and I’m still wearing the same shorts from yesterday.

But… I haven’t had seen my therapist in a year and for some strange reason my wife is still here. It was a massive trade off, super risky and dumb, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Do not recommend.” –garmachi