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This 16-Year-Old Artist Isn’t Afraid of the Monsters She Creates

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Her makeup skills are beyond fleek

One of the most amazing things about the internet is finding hidden talents all over the world. Genius toddler painters, comedians and even Justin Bieber. Videos of makeup artists have been exploding all over YouTube, but those men and women pale in comparison to Lara Wirth. This Australian lass is only 16-years-old and a self-taught costume make up artist. While most grown women twice her age struggle with contouring, she’s turning herself into phenomenal works of art. Not only is she physically skilled, but her creations are the stuff of nightmares. Take a peep at her work. If you dare.

lara wirth monster devil

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

Her work is scarier than most horror movies

Drawing Inspiration

lara wirth makeup scary monster

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

Lara gets inspired from everywhere. This monster is modeled after horror mug maker Turkey Merck.

Blue Monster

lara wirth blue monster makeup

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

This is why I hate swimming in the ocean.