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This 16-Year-Old Artist Isn’t Afraid of the Monsters She Creates

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She’s Coming to Get You

lara wirth scary monster makeup with bloody eyes

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

This one reminds me of Pan’s Labyrinth.


lara wirth lizard makeup

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

Really, Lara is a chameleon.

Coffee Monster

lara wirth coffee monster

Source: Instagram @armageddonpainted

“Inspired by my favorite coffee shop, The Bean Thief. This mischievous thief must constantly stuff itself with coffee beans to sustain itself but cries coffee tears. So every night dressed in a coffee bag it has to tiptoe through the streets of Kew robbing coffee shops of their precious beans. Returning to The Bean Thief to hide during the day…”