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This 2-Year-Old Child With Autism Falling In Love With Snow White Will Melt Your Heart

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How precious is this?

If you know someone who has autism, whether it be a close friend or relative, then you may know some of the social struggles they go through on a daily basis from an outside perspective. Sometimes interacting with others can be a fearful task, and it’s hard to connect with others the same way many of us do regularly.

For one 2-year-old boy with autism, he was having a tough time during his trip to Disney World with his family. While he didn’t want anything to do with the characters walking around the parks, that all changed the second he came across Snow White.

2-year-old child autism meets snow white

Source: Youtube – Amanda Coley

Watch this 2-year-old fall in love on the following pages.

Jack Jack met Snow White during a family trip to Disney this past November.

2-year-old child autism meets snow white

Source: YouTube @Amanda Coley

His mother, who uploaded the precious video to her YouTube page, claims that Jack Jack was not taking well to any of the Disney characters that they came across throughout their vacation. When they put him in front of a beautiful actress dressed as Snow White, he absolutely melted, the same way our hearts did watching this video.

Jack Jack was diagnosed with autism, and is reportedly non-verbal.

2-year-old child autism meets snow white

Source: Youtube @Amanda Coley

Jack Jack apparently does not speak, and is not very social when it comes to his case of autism. When it comes to people he does not know, his mother says that he is “on the shy side.”