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This 3-Year Old-Does Dress Up Better Than You

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Meet 3-year-old Willow. Not only is she extremely photogenic and a ham, she also happens to be ultimate dress-up champ. With Halloween coming up, she’s going all out with the help of photographer mom, Gina Lee. Check out the array of TV and movie characters her creative mom has come up with. Willow’s happy face assures us that she’s loving it more than anyone. Check out the future star in action.

1. We’re not sure Willow is old enough to watch OITNB, but she nails Red.

willow and gina lee as orange is the new black

Source: Instagram @ginalee

2. Burt’s Bees little bee is the best!

willow lee as dressed up as a bumble bee

Source: Instagram @ginalee

3. She’s a great salesmen! I’ll buy it!

willow gina lee as cracker jack boy

Source: Instagram @ginalee

4. Party on! Excellent!

willow gina lee waynes world

Source: Instagram @ginalee

5. Cue Hasslehoff!

willow ginna lee baywatch

Source: Instagram @ginalee

6. Go go, gadget cuteness!

willow ginna lee dressed up inspector gadget

Source: Instagram @ginalee

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