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This 8-Year-Old Girl Is Changing Gender Roles One Ollie at a Time

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“That’s a little girl! She’s ripping!”

When you think of skateboarders, who do you usually think of? Chances are you picture male teenagers, but along with the times, the skateboarding demographic has changed as well.

According to 2010 statistics, over 77% of skateboarders were male, which fits the stereotype of the sport that took off as “sidewalk surfing” in the 1940s and ’50s. But since the inception of skateboarding, more and more women have been joining the ranks of professionals or neighborhood enthusiasts, and now an eight year old is changing the face of the sport for good.

Described as “unexpected” and “raw,” Sky Brown just became the youngest female skater ever in the Vans US Open Pro Series. Here’s what that means for the sport.

sky brown skateboard tutu

Source: Instagram @awsmkids

See Sky shred.

Meet Sky

sky brown girl skateboarder

Source: Instagram @awsmkids

Sky Brown is an eight-year-old from Miyazaki, Japan, and she’s been making a huge splash in the world of skateboarding. Thanks to her presence on Instagram and YouTube, Brown had already made a name for herself, but her recent appearance at the Vans US Open Pro Series only reinforced her reputation.

Along with a picture of Sky standing at the US Open Pro Series on Instagram, her mom posted the caption: “Sky is going to be Skating in the Vans US Open of Surfing today… She will the youngest skater in the event and will be going head to head with her favorite pro skater heroes.. This is a Dream come true for Sky, and I am so soo proud of her. As her Dad I ways want to be there to help and protect Sky in everything that she does. but this is one where I just have to let her go, and work it out for herself and let her just do her thing… It’s really hard for me especially because she’s so tiny and there were soo many gnarly skater collisions yesterday in practice… But this is Her Dream and her journey… And this little girl that likes to dance in front of the mirror and play dressup and who will always always be my baby is a Tough and Smart little cookie… And Sky you got this I’ll be waiting on the sideline with a big hug whenever you need it. You are amazing Sky and I love you sooo much.”

Sky & Sea

sky brown skateboard us open pro series

Source: Instagram @awsmkids

Though not the youngest prodigy to break into the skateboarding scene thanks to social media, Sky Brown is still breaking down walls and gender stereotypes, one ollie at a time.

In an interview with Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word, Sky explained that she started skating when she was just four years old. Four-year-old me couldn’t even color inside the lines. And get this: Along with her younger brother, Ocean, she surfs, too. What can’t Sky do?

“When I was little I used to hassle my dad to go with him for the morning surfs so I could play on the beach, I would even get into the car and refuse to leave, then one day my dad got me a soft board and pushed me into some small waves, and that was that. I was hooked pretty fast hahaha. Now I get up super early every morning and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me surfing.”