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THIS Actor Is Playing Michael Jackson…?

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The Twitter Commentary Is In Full Force

The public didn’t miss a beat in taking to Twitter to express their feelings on Fienne’s casting as Michael Jackson. The commentary ranges from shock, to confusion, to puzzlement, to outrage. As this Twitter user pointed out, there’s the obvious but crucially important fact to remember, which is that Michael Jackson was black.

Keep reading to see some of the things people have to say about Fienne’s casting, and to hear the biggest argument against the decision to cast a white actor.

Some People Were Downright Confused

tweet about Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson

Source: Twitter @RR416

Some people were confused, but not everyone. To some, casting a white actor as Michael Jackson makes sense, while to others, the idea that someone would even consider a white actor to play MJ is inconceivable. This jarring difference in perspective speaks to a larger issue of the pop star’s own life. After Michael Jackson underwent his dramatic change in appearance, he was sort of left in a racial limbo — many in the African American community considered him to have shirked his blackness, but Michael was never really accepted as white either.

This Twitter User Points Out A Classic Hollywood Double Standard

tweet about Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson

Source: Twitter @The_A_Prentice

As Twitter user Prentice Penny pointed out in his two cents, there’s been a historical pattern in Hollywood of accepting white actors portraying characters outside of their own race – donning wigs, tans, accents, and (varying degrees of) convincing, well-researched performances, but the opportunity to explore is never extended to non-white actors.

If Jake Gyllenhaal can play the Prince of Persia, then is it so inconceivable that a black actor could play a black musician who turned white?