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This Artist Reimagines Your Favorite Superheroes as Indian

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Reimagining of characters is nothing new. We’ve all seen countless different takes on Disney princesses, but what about superheroes? Since it seems that Marvel has taken over the universe, let’s get into reimagining our favorite superheroes. While there is a serious lack of people of color in comics and movies, an artist in New Delhi, Raj Kamal Aich, wondered what these Marvel and DC characters would look like if they hailed from his country. No only did he change their features, but he put a good amount of humor into his illustrations.

indian spiderman

Source: Facebook @Raj

Look at more of these incredible drawings!

The Flash

indian flash

Source: Facebook @Raj

That’s an aerodynamic nose!


indian supergirl

Source: Facebook @Raj

She’s quiet sensual, don’t you think?