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This Boxer’s Heartfelt Decision Not Only Saved One, But Two Sons. What a Man.

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Here’s a Father’s Attempt to Save Two Kids From His Past Mistakes.

Nobody is perfect.

We understand that people are prone to make mistakes, even the best of us. One man had to endure a life filled with pain and regret after participating in one of the biggest fights of his career. Former boxer Chris Eubank nearly killed a man, and for that, he wasn’t going to let his son follow in his footsteps. Read why.


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This boxer’s biggest fight was against fate…

In 1991, Chris Eubank nearly killed his opponent Michael Watson after throwing several hard blows to the head.


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In September 1991, Eubank pummeled a hapless Michael Watson to the point that the match was called off in the final round. Watson was rushed to the hospital, where he spent 40 days in a coma. Eubank went to the hospital and saw a wounded Watson depleted of energy and fervor. Because of that, he almost hung his gloves up. “I walked into that room and felt my soul shudder.”

Eubank and Watson would meet again at the London Marathon.


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Despite having relearned how to talk, walk, and just perform basic life essentials, Watson is still getting his life back.

“Do you know how it felt to see a family man lying in a coma with a quarter of his skull missing, knowing I had been involved in leaving him in that terrible condition? The medical details of what he was going through, and what he would have to go through to recover, shredded me,” Eubank said. “This was a mother’s son, and it was my punch which had left him in such a bad way. The extent of Michael’s injuries had a devastating impact on me.”