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This Cartoonist Live-Drew Her Oscar Coverage

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There once was a time that humans could only learn about foreign countries, cultures, terrains, and even people only through drawings. If events and celebrations took place more than a few hours or days away given the transportation available at the time, chances were you may never have even seen them.

The rise of printing presses over the past few centuries allowed images to be recreated and shared like never before, leading to sensational journalism as well as illustrated educational works. Of course, like so many arts, drawing has lost its prominence in our current world so filled with technology.

For cartoonist Liza Donnelly, however, the worlds of computers and arts don’t need to remain separate, and in fact she uses technology in order to give new life to her drawings. A self-described “live tweet-drawer,” Donnelly instantaneously shares her works with the world through her Twitter account when not being published in papers or magazines like The New Yorker.

draw intro

Source: Twitter @lizadonnelly

Her latest project was to live-draw the Oscars, and the results are truly a unique way to (re-)experience the event.

From the night’s newest winners…

draw 1

Source: Twitter @lizadonnelly

Brie Larson won Best Actress for Room.

…to those we’ve been rooting for for years.

draw 2

Source: Twitter @lizadonnelly

Leo took home his first Academy Award for The Revenant.