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This Entire YouTube Page Is Dedicated to Eating Expired Food

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The Things People Will Eat…

If you’ve ever bitten into something and noticed that the taste was just off, or if you’ve swallowed a glass of milk without looking at the expiration date first, you might remember the shock and disgust of consuming expired food. If your experience was bad enough, you might take extra measures to never repeat that moment again.

The same can’t be said for Steve.

expired food intro

Source: YouTube @Steve1989 MREinfo

Steve’s entire YouTube page, Steve1989 MREinfo, is dedicated to eating old and sometimes expired food. And people love watching it.

Steve is an expert in MREs or military Meals-Ready to Eat. He acquires rare and outdated MREs and loves nothing more than eating the military rations while documenting his experience on camera. His first course: how about some peanut butter from 1955?

Could You Stomach This?

Steve’s latest viral hit was this video of him eating a Korean War food ration from 1955. Would you ever try this?

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“This peanut butter is the same age as my mom.”

Love chocolate? How about these chocolate rations and “milk chocolate tablet” ration? Steve eats 71-year-old chocolate from a spam can that he claims is the oldest chocolate ever eaten!

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A history buff, Steve explains how Canadian soldiers hated the chocolate rations back in WWII.