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This Entire YouTube Page Is Dedicated to Eating Expired Food

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Steve himself declares this Cold War-era package to be “really weird,” so you know you’re in for a treat. This was a survival kit for the Coast Guard from 1969-1970. Yuck!

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As Steve reads the funny wording on the packages, you just know this is going to be one of his stranger meals.

What would you eat if your life depended on it? This 1969 food packet for survival/ abandon aircraft situations has a surprisingly diverse collection of food, from browned meats to chili powder. You can bet Steve eats it without hesitation!

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Looks like he found a winner.

Aside from just eating food, Steve explores the old army rations and tries to make use of all of their contents. In this video, he smokes 65-year-old Chesterfield cigarettes, claiming that they are the oldest cigarettes ever smoked on camera.

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It’s still funny to think that these tax exempt cigarettes used to be standard rations for army troops.

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