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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Is Seriously TWISTED!

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“Three lives I will give you. No more, no less.”

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When Jaqen first meets Arya back in Season 2 and she rescues him from impending death, he enters her service and vows to kill any three people she chooses. In order to coerce the assassin into aiding her escape Harrenhal, Arya turns the tables on Jaqen by naming him as his own victim. Of course, this doesn’t happen, and the two are later reunited in Braavos at the House of Black and White.

There’s just one little thing. Jaqen is still indebted to Arya. He killed two men at her direct request back at Harrenhal, but he never killed a third. That being said, he still owes Arya a life. But whose?

Another fan theory gaining some traction this week is that, when we see Arya attacked at the end of episode 7, it was not Arya at all but Jaqen H’ghar in disguise. Up to this point, Jaqen is the only man we’ve seen with the capability of using the face of someone who is not yet deceased, namely, Arya’s. Could it be that he donned her face once again while fully aware of the Waif’s imminent attack upon Arya in order to spare the girl’s life, thus repaying his final debt?

After all, while would Arya, who closed out episode 6 acting very afraid and keeping Needle by her side then walk around Braavos nonchalantly, unarmed, and thus making herself an easy target? Fans furthermore point out that, during the entire final scene of episode 7, “Arya” was acting strangely cocky, even irregular, with more traits of Jaqen himself than the Stark we know and love. Could Jaqen have been making a scene, thereby allowing Arya to escape? Remember, Jaqen specifically told the Waif not to let Arya suffer, but a few stabs to the stomach before watching her swim away isn’t exactly the most merciful way to watch someone go. Could a punishment for the Waif be in store following a “failed” mission?

Finally, there’s ONE MORE theory that could be equally as valid! Keep reading…

No One.

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Credit: HBO/ Photofest

This theory is equally as thrilling in term’s of Arya’s plot, but it makes her even more bad*ss than we might have expected.

Arya potentially doomed herself by refusing to kill the talented actress Lady Crane, who admitted that Arya herself would make a very talented player. At the end of that episode, we saw Arya going to bed with her sword Needle close by her side, as if preparing to fight. That has led some fans to think that Arya was strolling around in the open very purposefully before being attacked at the end of episode 7, and here’s why.

Arya knew that the Waif would soon come to attack her for failing yet again to assassinate someone to appease the Many-Faced God. In order to eliminate the element of surprise, Arya strolls openly around Braavos, making it known that a young girl with money wants passage to return to Westeros. She then pauses on a bridge, an open space that would make a quick assassination fairly difficult. When the Waif does attack her, bearing the face of an old woman, Arya does look surprised, but she manages to fend her off and escape, but only by stumbling injured through the city, leaving an obvious trail of blood in her wake. Is this all a trap?

Some fans think so. According to the theory, Arya wasn’t stabbed at all, but was instead equipped with fake blood pouches (perhaps from Lady Crane), thus making it appear that she was badly injured. The Waif isn’t likely to let Arya just wander off and die (or, potentially, survive), so we can only assume that she will follow her bloody tracks, looking to finish what she began. Believing Arya to be mortally wounded, the Waif might follow her to, say, a dark alley, where the very healthy and prepared Arya will be waiting with Needle, ready to fight and either complete her Faceless Man training or otherwise escape Braavos unharmed before returning to Westeros.

WHAT do you think? Which theory seems most plausible to you? Again, since episode 8 is entitled “No One,” we can only assume that Arya’s plot will see some major development. Would you rather she go on to become a ruthless Faceless Man, or would you prefer to see her return to Westeros and continue to fight for the Stark cause?

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