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This Guy Body-Shamed the US Olympic Gymnastics Team and the Internet Struck Back Hard

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Fans get a gold medal for shutting down this troll!

With an average of 27.5 million viewers over the course of 15 days, the Rio Olympics just took silver as the second most-watched Olympic Games.

Were you among those millions of viewers? What did you tune in for? For many Americans, this answer was easy: They tuned in to watch the American gymnastics teams.

Though not as mainstream a sport as, say, basketball or volleyball, gymnastics is one of those special Olympic favorites that draws millions out to watch, and this year, the American women’s team dominated the floor.

Known as the Final Five, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, Laurie Hernandez, Aly Raisman, and Simone Biles were the stars of this year’s games. Bringing home nine medals—five of them belonging to Biles—they were considered some of the best gymnasts the world has ever seen, and the best Olympics women’s gymnastics team in history.

Yet sadly, even such unimaginable accomplishments did not save these girls from your typical online harassment and vitriol. After Simone innocently posted a beach picture with Madison Kocian and Aly Raisman, one troll made a comment that Final Five fans and Simone Biles worshippers did NOT take lightly.

simone biles beach day abs picture

Source: Instagram @simonebiles

Sadly, looks like this troll is still on the loose.

Body-Shaming the Best in the World.

final five abs picture mean tweet

Source: Twitter @UWantMyD_aniel

Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the trolling.

I recently read that the higher you climb and more important you are, the more you open yourself up to being criticized by complete strangers, often for no reason at all. Why this engrained negativity exists in society nobody knows, but nowhere is it more apparent than on the internet, where angry people are free to express that negativity to no end.

And while so many millions of Americans were dizzy watching the Final Five flip and fly their way to gold time and time again, not everybody was so impressed. Enter Twitter user @UWantMyD_aniel.

As the degrading-but-laughable Twitter handle might give away, this profile is particularly nasty, insulting many and sharing crude jokes while laughing off all insults thrown its way.

Unimpressed with the photo of the US gymnasts on the beach, particularly with their “masculine” abs, he tweeted, “y’all find this attractive? lmaaoo”.

Needless to say, not many people were pleased.

The Internet Strikes Back

simone biles abs response 1

Source: Twitter @MissyMutilation

As made evident in the comments section on any celebrity’s social media accounts, people love to troll and troll again. Are they doing it for fun? Are they trying to start an argument? Do they sincerely feel the anger they’re expressing? We may never know, but rule of thumb is that it’s probably best never to get involved. Heck, better to avoid the comments section all together unless you’re specifically looking to get frustrated with the state of humanity.

Once Daniel’s tweet started to make rounds online, others responded by calling out the misogynistic and hypocritical nature of his comment: Since when were these women seeking his approval?

@MissyMutilation tweeted, “@UWantMyD_aniel These women r some of the most accomplished athletes [Earth emoji], but whether they’re attractive is the most important quality.”

And she’s right: These young women are not in the beauty or modeling industry, they are athletes. But forget that, because we shouldn’t even be worrying about how they look in the first place. Naturally, with his trashy/funny handle’s double entendre, it’s easy to assume Daniel isn’t worried about political correctness, misogyny, or basic manners.

But then again, neither were these other people who lashed back at him.