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This Guy Disguised Himself as a Woman to See How Much Easier Online Dating Would Be

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“It got me thinking: what if I was a woman?”

It’s one big right swipe for mankind after single British man Sy Thomas (36) underwent a major change in order to better understand the complicated world of online dating.

If you’ve ever created an online dating profile with a website or one of countless dating apps, you might know how difficult it can be to start a decent conversation or land a date amidst of sea of judgmental and often perverted people.

Sy was feeling down and out after numerous failed attempts on dating sites, so he devised a plan that would help him understand how both sides of dating apps work, thereby improving his own game in the meantime.

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Source: YouTube @What If?

How did he go about it? By becoming a woman, of course.

Sy Thomas is the first to admit that he’s a homely guy without any luck on dating apps.

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Source: YouTube @What If?

That’s when he had the age-old idea, why not become a woman instead?

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Source: YouTube @What If?

“What if I was a woman? Maybe I’d learn “techniques” from the men who are trying to woo me.”