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This Guy Disguised Himself as a Woman to See How Much Easier Online Dating Would Be

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After a makeover and a complete profile redux (including lying about his/ her age), Simone was ready to tackle the world of online dating.

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Source: YouTube @What If?

Three days later, “Simone” received hundreds of messages from a wide variety of men, giving Sy the confidence boost he had been longing for.

From the female’s point of view, “Simone” experienced what so many women experience on online dating apps: an endless barrage of quirky, insulting, and downright dirty messages and pickup lines.

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Source: YouTube @What If?

Even as a guy, Sy was shocked to read some of the things men were saying in an attempt to woo women online. As he points out, you* would never say these things in a bar.

*most of us

However, Sy was able to learn a valuable lesson through his social experiment that he then passed on to us.

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Source: YouTube @What If?

“The best messages are the ones that are genuine and nice, and those are the one that hit home. I think that’s what I’m going to be more like when I’m doing online dating.”

His words couldn’t be wiser!