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This Guy Scammed the System and Turned a $300 Ticket Into a First Class Paradise

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We all know how expensive traveling by air can be. I recently looked at flights to California for Christmas and they cost almost $700 roundtrip! That’s a lot of money for the average person. I know, you are saying, “What about airline miles?” A lot of people choose to go with credit cards that offers them miles with purchases, but I’m scared of the blackout dates and all the red tape. Well I guess I’ve been doing it wrong because Sam Huang has scammed the system (legitimately) using airline miles.

sam huang topmiles

Source: Twitter @TopMiles

Sam has claimed that he turned an Emirates airline ticket that cost $300 into a first-class world trip estimated to be worth up to $60,000. In a blog post on his website, Top Miles, Sam explains that by using “loopholes,” he was able to “book an Emirates First Class ticket using miles, which would take me from Singapore to Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and back.”

Through Top Miles he says he can “help you take your first flight in as little as three months!”

Don’t believe Sam’s claim? Check out some shots of him in first class onboard one of the best airliners in the world.

sam huang first class united emirates airplane

Source: Instagram @intotheplane

“Unlimited Dom Perignon, wild caviar, and a shower spa while flying 40,000 feet in the air — it’s no wonder the Emirates First Class Suite is consistently named one of the best airline seats in the world,” Huang wrote on his travel blog.

sam huang first class airplane

Source: YouTube @Sam Huang

Huang says the trick is complicated, but involves booking the journey as one long flight with multiple layovers and explains it on his blog. Business Insider even confirmed the booking was legitimate through the airline.

beverage bar in first class airplane

Source: YouTube @Sam Huang

This reminds me of the story of the man who figured out the loophole with Starbucks and scores free coffee everyday of the year. Except that guy comes off as a jerk whereas I’m just insanely jealous of Sam’s trip of a lifetime that costs less than a new phone. I’m gonna go sulk in coach now.

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