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This Guy Uses a Banana to Become an Atheist’s Worst Nightmare

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Does God Exist?

For many people, the questions posed by faith and the existence of a higher, divine being are some of the most complicated and long-lasting queries they will have in their life.

Who or what you believe in depends on a variety of factors. First, there is the society or area we’re brought up with, along with the dominant beliefs and faith systems there. Next, there’s our family, and while their opinions may differ, they often impart on us their religious practices from an early age. Many times, seeing their beliefs in respect to how they act and treat others is very formative in terms of our own feelings later on. Another factor is the mood of our generation, the friends we make, the people we work with, the music we listen to, and the books we read. Lastly, there are life events, often traumatic or wonderful, that can convince us one way or another that something or someone greater does exist.

But for New Zealand-based Christian minister and evangelist, all that you need to prove that there’s a big man upstairs is a banana.

guy banana sexual

Source: YouTube @superic’s channel

Grab the nearest banana and check out this theory!

Ode to a Banana

bananas and banana slices

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The banana is a marvelous fruit (or berry, depending on how technical you get about botany).

Native to Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, bananas are sweet but not too sugary; both firm, soft, and slimy; and are a great source of vitamin B6, as well as fiber, vitamin C, and potassium— though not quite as much as Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves would have you think.

Popular among humans and other animals, did you ever stop to think just how easy and convenient bananas are to eat? Is it possible that this isn’t merely a coincidence?

Meet Ray Comfort

ray comfort tv talk show atheism

Source: YouTube @superic’s channel

You may or may not be familiar with Ray Comfort, but he’s a New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist, who lives and works in the United States. Interestingly enough, Comfort was born to Jewish parents and raised without religious guidance, and while he still identifies with Judaism, his focus is on Christianity, and he has gone on to participate in numerous debates and conferences as well as publish a number of books and literary works about the religion. In fact, Comfort even challenged noted atheist Richard Dawkins to a debate in 2009, although not enough money was raised for the event to take place.

In the 1990s, Comfort convinced former child star Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame to join him as an evangelist, and together they founded an organization and series called The Way of the Master.

One of the most famous clips from the show, as well as one of Comfort’s most well-known theories that “prove” creationism, is the banana argument. If you’ve never heard this one before, prepare to be wowed.