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This Guy Uses a Banana to Become an Atheist’s Worst Nightmare

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The Banana Argument

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Comfort breaks his banana argument into several strong points, using only a banana as proof that some sort of intelligent design exists, thus supporting creationism is the only possible theory for how the world came to be.

“Behold: The atheist’s nightmare,” Comfort says, brandishing the popular yellow fruit. His argument goes as follows:

1. The ridges on the outside of the banana peel perfectly compliment the human hand, making them incredibly easy to hold with a nonslip surface.

2. Like a traffic light, the banana peel is an outward indicator of what the fruit is like inside and whether or not it’s ready for consumption. “Green, too early. Yellow, just right. Black, too late.”

3. Similarly to a soda can, bananas have “tabs” that God has placed at the top to make opening the fruit simple and efficient. Furthermore, the peel has serrated sections that open easily without squishing or squirting the fruit. Lastly, the peel is biodegradable.

4. And, of course, the very shape and size of a banana shows it was meant for human consumption. The fruit is the size of a human mouth, it’s easy to chew and digest, and the curve of the fruit even makes it face the person opening it to eat. W-O-W!

“Seriously Kirk,” he concludes, “the whole of creation testifies to the genius of God’s creative hand.”

So how do people react to the argument?

This Sh*t Is Bananas

ray comfort banana theory

Source: YouTube @superic’s channel

Comfort does prove a pretty cool point with his banana argument, and that’s that bananas really are a pretty chill, convenient fruit. While they may not be for everybody, they’re honestly very pleasant, and if you’re not eating the daily recommended amount of fruits, you should really consider starting with a banana in the morning or right before some exercise.

When it comes to God’s flawless hand in crafting bananas, however, Comfort seems to overlook one little thing: Humans are responsible for the modern banana we eat today.

The most popular variety of banana is from the Cavendish group, a cultivar developed in 1836 that now accounts for nearly 50% of all banana production. Originally, wild bananas contained large seeds as well as a different shape and coloring. Also, organic bananas will rarely achieve the bright yellow hue the fruit is so known for. American consumers prefer their fruit to have this ‘healthy’ color, so banana distributors will ripen bananas in special rooms by blasting them with ethylene gas. Organic bananas will typically have a greener or browner color.

Lastly, we need only to look at monkeys to see that there might be an altogether easier way to open and eat bananas: By starting from the opposite end. Peeling from the top might be more work when the stringy pulp gets attached, but gently squeezing from the other end bursts open the peel, and the banana is ready to eat!

So how does Comfort’s banana argument hold up? Since the video has gained popularity, Comfort has laughed it off saying that he was just kidding about the whole thing. SHARE this article and let us know what YOU think!