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This Incredible Volcano Has Blue Lava

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A Lava Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Have you ever witnessed an active volcano?

Of course, that’s a tough question to answer. Based on where in the world you’re from or have traveled to, you could associate volcanos with captivating natural activity that occurs on a regular basis, such as in the growing islands of the Pacific. Or perhaps you accept volcanos for what they truly are, dangerous threats ready to burst and cause major damage at any given moment.

Regardless, humans have long been fascinated with these geologically compelling formations that have played vital roles in mythology, history, science, and religion.

How much do you really know about volcanos? While you may have studied them in geology class growing up or enjoyed movies like Dante’s Peak and Volcano, these new photos of a different kind of volcano might just change everything you thought you knew. Why’s that? See for yourself:

blue lava NatureGoals

Source: Twitter @NatureGoals

But why is the lava blue?

First thing’s first: these are real, actual photos of what looks like blue lava flowing freely from volcanos in Indonesia.

blue lava NewsJunkie62

Source: Twitter @NewsJunkies62

Located at the Ijen volcano complex in East Java, Indonesia, the Ijen volcano is known for its acidic crater lake that’s filled with turquoise water by day, as well as the compelling blue lava that seeps out by night.

blue lava F_De_Ivan

Source: Twitter @F_De_Ivan