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This Instagram Account Will Make You Fall in Love with Hedgehogs

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Belly Rubs for Everybody.

Hedgehogs are one of the trendiest animals of the moment (and one of the cutest animals ever).

If you love the prickly little critters as much as me, then you’re in luck. This Instagram account is completely dedicated to the lives and leisure habits of Hana the Hedgehog, along with some skateboards and dogs.

After going viral back in September, Hana’s cuteness has helped her owner gain over 11 thousand followers on social media. Looks like I’m not the only one totally obsessed with the life and times of the cutest white hedgehog around.

hana the hedgehog intro

Source: Instagram @kazu_p

Start the slideshow below to see the cutest hedgehog pictures on Instagram, then SHARE! Sonic has nothing on Hana.

Meet Hana

hana the hedgehog 1

Source: Instagram @kazu_p

This is Hana. Hana loves belly rubs.

But Really

No, seriously: Hana loves belly rubs.