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This Is How Your Resume Should Look in 2016

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How Will You Make an Impact?

The job search is easily among the most trying times in our lives, especially when there are other people depending on the benefits we reap from work.

When we are teenagers or freshly out of college, the world may appear to be filled with seemingly endless possibilities for our future, and this is totally true; we just need to find those opportunities first. While some of us are lucky enough to have family and friends help us secure a job, many of us know how trying it can be to send out resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter, hoping even for a phone call or interview, just a chance to prove ourselves to potential employers. This situation becomes only more frustrating as time drags on, or as our family pressure us to find work and start making money soon.

So what are we doing wrong?

Before you step foot into an interview, you exist only on paper to recruiters and HR. How are you supposed to show your best self in just a matter of bullet points or short paragraphs?

With the job market constantly changing and employers always looking for new and unique talent, the resume game has been totally flipped on its head, even over the past few years alone. These are the tips you need to know for making the strongest resume possible in 2016.

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Your Perfect Resume in 5 Easy Tips!

1. It’s All in the Look

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There is no guarantee that an employer is even going to look at your resume out of the stack of hundreds that they have piled on their desk or flooding their inbox. The average recruiter looks at a resume for no longer than 6 seconds, which means the very look and layout of your resume is crucial to catching their eye.

First of all, keep it neat and never crowded. Too many words, long sentences, or bullet points will only discourage a recruiter from further perusing your resume. Unless you have held numerous relevant and seriously impressive positions, keep your resume to one page! This is one of the most blatant mistakes people make when sending through their experience: nobody wants to read a novel! Also, there’s no need to include a picture or headshot unless applying to an acting or modeling job.

Unless you’re fresh out of school, keep your higher education information at the bottom, and don’t worry about including your GPA. List relevant work experience from most recent to oldest.

Lastly, stylize your resume appropriately. If the industry permits, consider a more fun style or even a splash of (non-obnoxious) color— but do so wisely! Make sure there is a definitely theme and continuity in the fonts you use.

2. Call Me, Beep Me

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Along with the basic layout of your resume comes the order in which you list your personal information and relevant work experience.

Feature your name and contact information clearly at the top. These days, there’s no need to provide any phone number aside from your cell phone (or whichever phone you have on your person most of the time), and you could even opt to leave out your address if you think it will be distracting, space-consuming, or dissuade the employer from reaching out to you (if you live “too far” away).

If sending your resume electronically, include a hyperlink to your email or, should you choose to include it, your LinkedIn to make contacting you even easier. While we’re at it, it goes without saying that you should use a simple and professional email address.