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This Is How Your Resume Should Look in 2016

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3. Watch Your Words

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When it comes to expressing yourself in your resume and truly getting a recruiter interested, all you have is your words, so make them count!

Get rid of the boring old “zombie words” or unnecessary objective statements like “I want this job” or “I am an ideal candidate.” In regards to these obvious truths, actions speak louder than words, so let your words focus on your actions!

Refrain from utilizing overused buzzwords like “go-getter;” instead, try action words like “achieved,” “created,” “improved,” and “managed.” These are guaranteed to demonstrate your accomplishments instead of boring experience or empty promises.

Use keywords focused on the industry or job you’re applying for in order to grab a recruiter’s attention as well as to pass the “robot” test if they put your resume through a scanner specifically searching for these relevant terms. Not sure where to find these keywords? Use the job posting or description itself!

4. Curate Your Content

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You shouldn’t necessarily be using the same resume for multiple job applications, especially not across different industries, and you should always keep your resume up to date with your work experience.

First off, TRIM THE FAT! Remember, you want your resume to be as easy to read as possible, so cut out anything superfluous to make your shot at employment approachable in those crucial six seconds a recruiter sees it.

This means keep each relevant experience to as few bullet points as possible (while still presenting yourself in the best light and including your achievements), and don’t have any sentences that drag on; certainly avoid written paragraphs.

You can also nix any basic skills such as remarking that you can use computers, the Internet, or applications like Microsoft Word and Excel; all of these are standard today and employers assume you can already manage them. Do be sure to include any language, rare, or technical skills if applicable to the job in question.

Lastly, focus on FACTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS to prove to the recruiter that you are goal-oriented and can base your work experience in results. Nothing will speak so loudly to an employer as this.

5. Show Your Best Side

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Last but not least, don’t forget that your resume is often your one shot to shamelessly pitch yourself, so do it right!

Don’t merely list relevant experience, find ways to include your own talents and skills—especially as they apply to the job at hand—into your past experience and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to tie your personal strengths into the highlights of your former jobs that the recruiter will hopefully read.

Not only will this make the resume more warm and personable, but it will give employers a much better idea of who they’re reaching out to when they call you to schedule an interview.

Remember, a resume is always a work in progress, so change it up often to keep it up to date, clean, and so perfect that the recruiter won’t be able to put it down. SHARE these tips with your friends who are looking for new employment and GOOD LUCK!