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This Is the Grossest Chemical Reaction in Science

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You won’t believe that this video is real.

Science is endlessly fascinating. From evolution to outer space, there’s so much we’ve discovered about the universe and ourselves. Advances and discoveries in biology, chemistry and physics are constantly being unveiled and our knowledge is increasing at a fantastic rate.

In the case of chemistry, you probably remember playing with the Bunsen burner back in high school and making cool reactions from different chemicals. But this particular chemical reaction is something else to behold. If you’ve ever played with a black snake firework as a kid, this is the same idea. Except much, much larger. And for some reason much, much grosser. Believe me, you’ll be in awe of what is called The Pharaoh’s Serpent.

black snake fireworks

Source: Instagram @ashetan

Strangely alluring yet repulsive…

The Pharaoh’s Serpent

pharaohs serpent 01

Source: YouTube @Nile Red

The Pharaoh’s Serpent is made out of mercury(II) thiocyanate (Hg(SCN)2), it’s a formula that creates a hideous snake-like substance when it is met with fire.


pharaohs serpent 02

Source: YouTube @Nile Red

A little brownish yellow vine appears immediately.