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This Is What Your Favorite Foods Look Like In Nature

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Nature is beautiful and sometimes weird

Most of us know what tomato plants and cabbages look like in a garden or farm. But a lot of us have no idea what others plants of our favorite produce, nuts and spices look like. I know people who assumed pineapples grew on trees. Check out these amazing photos of food in their original habitat before it goes on your plate.

blueberry plant

Source: Flickr @John Flannery

Learn about the things you eat everyday

Black pepper

black pepper plant

Source: Flickr @Scot Nelson

Black, white and green peppercorns all come from the same plant. They are just in different stages of ripeness.


blueberry plant

Source: Flickr @John Flannery

These are future blueberries. They are white before they turn that rich bluish purple color.