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This Kid Failed Their Driver’s Test in the Worst Way Possible

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We all love fails. There’s just something hilarious about seeing someone else fail at life. They are especially sweet if they are instant karma or some kind of sweet irony. The best case of irony has to be this spectacular story.

Remember how nervous you were during your drivers exam? Your biggest fear was probably not being able to parallel park. But what about getting into an accident? What if they accident was that you crashed into the driving school that was testing you? Amazingly, yes, a 20-year-old driving student plowed into the store front of Bellvue 911 Driving School (that name, though) in Bellvue, Washington last week.

This morning, a student arriving to take a driving test failed before they even started. There were no injuries to the driver, occupants of the building, or the Shasta Cola machine inside.

Posted by Bellevue (WA) Police Department Official Website on Friday, 16 October 2015

Laugh away because no one was injured in the accident. The only thing damaged was the storefront, the Audi and the young woman’s pride. Let the memes commence!

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