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This Live Streaming Piano Improv Guy Just ROCKETED Past 150k Fans!

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Why You Should Check Out Piano Improv Man

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As one Reddit user pointed out, the magic of Piano Improv Man is really not in what he can do (although he can seriously shred some amazing tunes on TWO pianos at once!) – it’s in what he can do for you! “I just woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought I’d browse some reddit and I found this. Now I’ve been watching some old dude dual wielding pianos for thirty minutes, what is this. I love the internet!”

COMING UP NEXT: We’ve got the link to The Piano Man’s Live Stream! Don’t go away – he just might be playing for you right now!

Watch Piano Improv Man’s Live Stream Below, Or On!

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Whenever Bernie isn’t slaying improvised versions of song requests, there are recordings of previous jam sessions playing on his account.

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