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This Magician Is So Good He Even Tricks Himself

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I’ve Got the Magic in Me…

Magic tricks still blow my mind. Sure, people will tell you that it’s all sleight of hands, smoke, and mirrors, but then you come across a guy like Andrew Kelly.

This young, London-based magician has built up a following on YouTube and social media, and it’s clear to see why. Even in a world where science and logic rule, I think magic still fascinates us because part of us wants to believe that such wonders really are possible.

When you see Andrew’s tricks, you’ll want to believe, too!

In one of his latest tricks, the magic is simply dizzying, and Andrew even tricks himself. This guy is too good!

andrew kelly magic tricks ellen degeneres

Source: YouTube/ Andrew Kelly

Start the slideshow below to see some of Andrew’s best tricks, then SHARE!. Harry Potter, watch your back.

Keep Your Eye on the Pen…

magic tricks 1

Source: YouTube @Andrew Kelly

What seems like your average magic trick begins when Andrew makes a coin disappear from his hand using only a pen. But when he puts his pen under his arm, only to pull it from his hand seconds later, that’s when things get crazy.

Or Should You Watch the Coin?

magic tricks 2

Source: YouTube @Andrew Kelly

Next, the pen and the coin keep switching places, even to the point that Andrew isn’t sure where the items are disappearing to. This will make your head spin!