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This Man Helps Single Moms and The Elderly In The Most Unexpected Way!

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Rodney’s Story

Rodney Smith talks about lawn service

Source: YouTube/Briggs & Stratton

I love stories about people who do great deeds to give back to the community. Especially young people like Rodney Smith, Jr., who is a native of the island of Bermuda.

Rodney grew tired of seeing elderly people, disabled people and single moms breaking their backs to do something we can do so easily. He’s a senior at Alabama A&M University and plans to go back to get his master’s in Social Work. Until then, he, along with a number of young men, will be doing THIS for those who are disadvantaged and less fortunate.

Rodney says he does the charitable deed because he’s “young, he’s able, and a lot of people aren’t able.”

How Rodney began

Rodney Smith Jr .talking about lawn service company

Source: YouTube/Briggs & Stratton

“One day I saw an elderly man cutting grass, and he looked like he was struggling. So it came to me that I should do something about it. And that’s when I decided to cut lawns for the disabled, the elderly and single parent mothers — for free,” Rodney said.

He says that the reason he can cut grass is because he’s young and able, and that elderly people and those who are disabled aren’t. As far as for single moms, he says where he’s from, people are friendly and give back when they can and that’s what drives him to keep going.

He has done over 100 lawns

Man taking lawnmower out of car

Source: YouTube/Briggs & Stratton

When Rodney started out, his goal was to reach 40 lawns. He reached that in a month and a half. Two months later, he reached 60 more, totaling to 100 lawns in three and a half months. That’s when he created Raising Men Lawn Care Service, to teach young boys and men how important it is to work hard and give back to their community.