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This Man Helps Single Moms and The Elderly In The Most Unexpected Way!

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Young men are eager to help

Young man mowing lawn

Source: YouTube/Briggs & Stratton

While Rodney admits that, at first, the young men were tired from cutting so many lawns, they eventually got the hang of it and grew excited. He says they actually call him, asking if they can cut more lawns. But he makes sure he awards them by doing this…

He uses the “Karate system” for cutting

Young men mowing lawn

Source: Facebook/Rodney Smith Jr.

To award the young men for their work, Rodney implemented the color system, similar to what is used for stages in Karate. 10 lawns equals a white shirt, 20 lawns, an orange shirt, 30 lawns, a green shirt, 40 lawns, a blue shirt, and when they reach 50 lawns, they’ll receive a black shirt.

Rodney has started a GoFundMe page in an effort to keep it going. All funds raised will go towards purchasing uniformed t-shirts, lawn equipment, materials, as well as other supplies. So far, he has hit $54,175 of his $55,000 goal. To donate to Raising Men Lawn Care Service, click here.

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