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This Man Told His Love Story with His Co-Worker Through Legos and It Is Absolutely Adorable

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It can’t get cuter than this.

Damn, there are some talented people in this world. While we sit over here unable to draw anything better than a stick figure, there are people like Kevin Ulrich who managed to tell his own little love story in a mini Lego movie. You heard that right. In honor of his impending wedding, Kevin Ulrich used his incredible animating abilities to bring his Lego characters to life with stop motion and tell the story of how the co-worker he once hated became his soon to be wife. It’s one of the absolute cutest things we have ever seen.

Lego love story

Source: Youtube

Get ready to say “awwww”

This is Kevin Ulrich and his fiancé Celina Frenn

This is Kevin Ulrich his fiancé Celina Frenn

Credit: Facebook/Kevin Ulrich

Two years ago, the couple met at a media company when Celina started working as an intern. “Her dad was one of our clients, and he and I did not get along very well, so I had a double reason for not wanting to ask her out,” Kevin said. “But eventually I came to realize I would never find another girl like her, and the complications were worth the effort. Now we are no longer coworkers, and her dad and I are good friends.”

Ignoring The Signs

Kevin Ulrich next his fiance posing as Dr. Who

Credit: Facebook/Kevin Ulrich

He remembers the beginning of their relationship saying, “The first six months of knowing each other was characterized by signs indicating that we should be together, and me staunchly resisting those signs because of bad experiences in the past. Eventually I caved and said, ‘You’re worth the risk.’”

Kevin was hesitant to ask her out because of his strong belief that people shouldn’t date their co-workers. There is some logic to that thinking – Your work life can get unbearable after a bad break up with one of your co-workers.