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This Man Told His Love Story with His Co-Worker Through Legos and It Is Absolutely Adorable

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Defied The Odds

Kevin Ulrich and Cecilia wedding photos

Credit: Facebook/Kevin Ulrich

The two defied the odds however and are engaged to be married! As a wedding gift to his fiancé, Kevin used his animating skills to express their relationship. “Obviously a 73-second video can’t really sum up a two-year relationship,” Kevin said. “But both myself and our friends and family feel it does a great job at painting a charming cute little picture of what our love story looks and feels like.”

Not So Surprised

Lego love story

Source: Youtube

Kevin wanted it to be a surprise but, “I rent the office right next to hers, so I had no opportunity to make the video without her finding out. In the weeks leading up to our wedding, Celina started asking about a video saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you did a Lego video about us? You don’t have to. But if you wanted to I would love it!’ So I spilled the beans and told her I had been planning to, but had no way of keeping it a surprise. I told her to trust me and that she would like the final product. And she did. She loved it.”

We love it, too!

Surprisingly Accurate

Kevin Ulrich and Celina on a date

Source: YouTube

The video shows clips of them going on different dates and it turns out that they are the memories they found most sentimental. Kevin explained, “The first year of dating in particular, every week we had a really big, exciting date adventure. Originally… I was going to take a bunch of our photos from a lot of dating and recreate the photo and flash between the two. But a lot of the photos were selfies so you couldn’t see the background well enough for the set. So I went through and found a bunch of photos I really liked and we looked through all those for the moments that we both really liked.”