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This Plus-Sized Blogger Became An Inspiration After She Stood Up To Her Haters

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Drown the hate with love.

These days, the Internet can be one of the most mean-hearted places on the planet, where you don’t even have to leave your house to be bashed by the world. While users can post their thoughts, feelings, and life moments, anyone else with Internet access or a smart phone can easily tear them down with hatred remarks and criticism.

For many bloggers and Instagram models, this is an unfortunate reality they face on a daily basis. For Aarti Olivia Dubey, a blogger and plus-sized model, the criticism comes in consistently, and even resulted in one of her photos being wrongfully taken off the social media network altogether.

Fortunately, she didn’t let this destroy her and her inspiring brand. With her supporters by her side, she fought back and responded to her haters in the best way possible.

plus-size blogger instagram

Source: Instagram @curvesbecomesher

See how this plus-sized blogger tore down her own haters.

Plus-sized and Proud

plus-size blogger instagram

Source: Instagram @curvesbecomeher

Aarti is a Singaporean-Indian fashion blogger, who enjoys using Instagram to show off her daily outfits. However, when she posts her pictures to her profile she is flooded with tons of hateful and mean comments from random people, despite having a following of 16,000.

Criticism Won’t Hold Her Back

plus-size blogger instagram

Source: Instagram @curvesbecomesher

She constantly exudes confidence, posting photos of herself in bikinis, midriff tops or her outfit of the day. Even though the hate comments get thrown her way she doesn’t let the intense criticism slow her down, making sure to accompany many of her photos with an inspirational caption about loving herself and her body, no matter the shape or size.