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This Plus Sized Woman Celebrated Her Victory Over Cancer With a Nude Photoshoot

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Meet Angelica Fenney

When she was just 17 years old, Angelica Fenney of Merseyside, England was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is some of the most difficult news that many of us will ever hear, and it brings to mind the heartbreak and loss that so many have felt because of the disease.

Cancer changes people. From the pain of suffering and treatment alike, it causes fatigue, bleeding, bruising, hair loss, scarring, and more, all leading to major bodily changes that can leave fighters and survivors looking and feeling very differently than before. But cancer also makes people stronger.

Angelica’s 20-year fight with breast, cervical, and skin cancer changed her from a young teenager to a woman with scars and body issues, partially due to the fact that she gained nearly 85 pounds during treatment. But now, two decades later, size 16-to-18 Fenney is in remission, and she’s turning her journey into a message for cancer survivors and women dealing with body issues everywhere.

angelica fenney cancer body shamer collage

Source: Facebook/ Angelica Fenney

You need to see these incredible photos…


angelica fenney cancer body shamer nude 1

Source: Instagram @angelicafenney

Recently cleared of her cancer, Angelica Fenney is using her story to encourage self love and improved confidence while putting down body-shamers at the same time.

She wrote on Facebook, “This one is for all the haters, that keep body shaming me and the rest of us curvy women out there. For all the sexy curvy ladies that have body issues I’m making a stand for us. It’s taken me over 21 years to finally accept my body and really start to love it with all my [scars] too.”


angelica fenney cancer body shaming nude 2

Source: Instagram @angelicafenney

“No more will my smile be fake. I have been through the mill and now I’ve come out the other end and I say that we women [of] every shape/size should embrace our curves and show the haters that we are all beautiful in our own way.”

These are some of the beautiful photographs of Angelica taken by Isaac Groover.