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This Plus Sized Woman Celebrated Her Victory Over Cancer With a Nude Photoshoot

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angelica fenney cancer body shamer nude 3

Source: Instagram @angelicafenney/ @isaacgroover

The plus-size model is now dedicating her social media to messages of self-acceptance and pride in order to inspire her followers to do the same. Aside from her recent nude photoshoot with photographer Isaac Groover, Angelica also posts healthy meals and recipe ideas.


angelica fenney cancer body shamer nude 4

Source: Instagram @angelicafenney/ @isaacgroover

Earlier in May, Angelica also started a blog that keeps track of her healthy lifestyle and her positive message for readers and followers. Check out what she has to say!


angelica fenney cancer body shamer self love

Source: Instagram @angelicafenney

Angelica’s unique position as a cancer survivor and plus-size model makes her an incredible intersection of inspiration, but what we love most of all is her positive attitude and bravery that gives both cancer and body-shamers a big ‘FU!’

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