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This Prince George Cake Will Give You Nightmares

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Prince George Is so Adorable You Could Just Eat Him up.

That’s probably why amateur baker Lara Mason decided to create a life-size version of the third in line to the throne in edible form. The 29-year-old English woman made the cake for the Cake International competition held in Birmingham each year, and she said she felt “delighted” when she won the gold for creating the little prince in cake form.


While we’re really impressed with Mason’s ability to craft cakes that are pretty much clones of their human counterparts (Mason has won in previous years for her Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games cake and her Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow), we also found the cake to be a little creepy in a Child’s Play sort of way (anyone heard of the uncanny valley?). Then we looked at pictures of the construction of the cake, and now we’re downright terrified…

prince george cake

Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Lara Mason

Start the slideshow below to see this tangible (and edible!) nightmare. Don’t forget to SHARE the terror.

Stage I: Uncomfortable

prince george cake 1

Credit: Lara Mason

Is that… ground beef?

Stage II: Skeezed Out

prince george cake 2

Credit: Lara Mason

Suited up with protective chocolate armor.