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This Sassy Cat Refuses To Leave A UK Grocery Store

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“You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here!”

Shoppers in Brockley, UK, know better than to shop at this supermarket if they’ve got a cat allergy. Because no matter how hard the shopkeepers try to kick him out, this cat will always come back — cuter and more defiant than ever.

That’s the great thing about our cousins across the pond — in the UK, they don’t seem to be so worried about the rules all the time like we are here in America! If a cat was walking among the aisles of a New York grocery store, animal control would be there in a heartbeat. In Brockley, it’s just an annoyance — not a crime!

Brockley Sainsbury's Shop Cat

Source: Twitter @J_Tema

Read on to learn this cat’s story, to see his adorable interactions with the shoppers, and to find out who wins in the ultimate struggle between cat and shopkeeper!

He Was First Spotted Last November

Brockley Sainsbury's Shop Cat

Source: Twitter @jenny_stevens

Since last year, this sneaky little bugger has been sneaking into Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brockley, England.

He Doesn’t Mind The Mandhandling

Brockley Sainsbury's Shop Cat

Source: Facebook/Hazel Jones

For a long time, nobody knew the whereabouts of this furtive feline. Where does he come from? Why is he here? But one thing quickly became apparent — no matter how many times the fur ball was removed by security, he would walk right back through that automatic door and post up in the store once more.