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This Tattoo Artist Gives Tattoos to Kids, But It’s Not What You Think

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He doesn’t just do children, however.

benjamin lloyd tattoos woman

Source: Facebook – Benjamin Lloyd art collection

Lloyd does a lot of airbrush tattoo work, and doesn’t just limit his services to children. Adults, teens, and anyone you can think of is able to sit in his chair and get a design done, whether it’s on a part of their body or all over.

He also doesn’t even stick to just humans in general.

benjamin lloyd tattoos vehicle

Source: Facebook – Benjamin Lloyd art collection

Benjamin Lloyd is also famous for making very lavish designs on cars with his airbrush paintings, and gives a beautiful flair to all kinds of vehicles. His Facebook lists most of his car designs going up to the six-figure range as far as pricing.

You can hire him to design just about anything.

benjamin lloyd wall mural

Source: Facebook – Benjamin Lloyd art collection

Lloyd even does some amazing designs and art pieces on walls in cities. From the looks of the photo above, he’s also very skilled in creating 3-D designs, which we know pedestrians can deeply appreciate when they walk by. It sounds like he’s the right guy to put a smile on any child’s face.

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