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This Teenager Used Snapchat Filters to Give His Mom the Scare of Her Life

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Mom, I think I’m having an allergic reaction…

Raising kids can be tough, especially once they’re old enough to really start giving you a hard time. With technology being more accessible and prominent now than ever before in our society, how’s a parent supposed to keep up with the changing fads and new tools available to their kids?

Example number one: Snapchat.

First released in 2011, Snapchat is a video and image sharing app that allows users to send finite Snaps that they can send to their friends for 1–10 seconds before they disappear. More recently, it feels like Snapchat unveils a new filter, geotag, or cool video capability all the time, and let’s face it: it keeps us coming back.

Twitter user Jules Hopcraft decided to have some fun using Snapchat filters to prank his unsuspecting mom…

snapchat prank 1

Source: Twitter @JulesHopcraft

Using one of Snapchat’s special features that morphed his face, Hopcraft then sent screenshots to his mom claiming that he thought he was suffering a strange allergic reaction.

She was skeptical at first, but then…

Like any parent, Jules’s mom is concerned about her son’s appearance, though she seems to be skeptical about the pictures.

snapchat prank 2

Source: Twitter @JulesHopcraft

After verifying that it’s her son, Jules’s mom starts panicking and urges him to call emergency services.

snapchat prank 3

Source: Twitter @JulesHopcraft