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This Woman Is Changing The Face Of Body Painting

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Body painting is a very old form of temporary body art, where people express so many various things for different purposes. In many countries with tribalist cultures, body painting is often worn during ceremonies. India and the Middle East use henna tattoos, especially for brides. In the West, many actors and clowns use body painting to get into character for a role. In the 1960s, the was an explosion of body painting during the “Free Love” movement. There a slew of other uses for it, like the military in camouflage, art, commercial use and more.

But one woman is taking it to a whole other level, painting intricate things. Known as Lana Chromium, she paints detailed works of art on her subjects. In fact she was the winner of the television reality show Skin Wars season two. She uses different styles of painting to create her art, which is both stunning and wonderous.

body painting 04

Source: Facebook @Lana Chromium


Take a peek at Lana’s awesome work!


body painting 01

Source: Facebook @Lana Chromium

Lana creates an abstract and surreal take on the magestic sunrise.

…Till Death

body painting 02

Source: Facebook @Lana Chromium

A haunting and anatomically correct glow in the dark couple in love.