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This Woman Was Handcuffed To A Chair For Two Days After A Miscommunication With Her Lover

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For One Woman, New Years Eve Was So Much Fun, She Stuck Around For 2 More Days

Don’t you hate when you wake up naked, handcuffed to a chair, only to discover that your married lover has fled in the night with the key in his pocket?
Okay, so maybe this hasn’t happened to most of us, but on New Years Eve it did happen to one unfortunate Russian woman in Moscow. But let’s be real, folks. It’s 2016, and kinky stuff is not off the table! Passing judgement on others is so 2006.



Still, it’s hard to deny that people have gotten themselves into some SERIOUSLY awkward situations during their, ahem, “unique,” intimate sessions, and it’s kinda funny. We’re laughing with them, not at them!

Without further ado, click below to find out what happened to this poor Russian woman and others who have found themselves in similarly sticky situations!

Open Scene In A Moscow Apartment On A Cold New Years Eve…

russian Woman Handcuffed To Chair For Two Days After A Wild New Years Eve


An unnamed mistress woke up in Russia’s capital city, Moscow, on New Years Day 2016 and found that she was still handcuffed to the heavy chair in her apartment that had been the scene of a steamy sexual encounter the night before. At first, she wasn’t too worried about it, but when she realized that her lover had fled during the night with the keys, she began to feel a little panicked.

Fast Forward Two Days…



…And guess where our Russian lady friend still is? That’s right — the woman was stuck chained to her chair for TWO DAYS before her brother finally found her (awkward…) in that less-than-flattering state.

You may be thinking “Wow, where did her lover go? Is he like a serial killer psychopath or something?” Actually, he’s a married man who is much younger than the woman. The two had been drinking heavily during their sexcapade, and he left early before the woman awoke so as to maintain his secrecy in his escape.