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Time Tested Ways to F**k With People in Public

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People LOVE pranks, and many of them never seem to go out of style. In fact, some are so predictable that half of the humor stems from the fact that we should have seen them coming.

When was the last time you pulled a good prank on somebody? Or maybe you had the prank pulled on you instead. More often than not, a good practical joke is a harmless way to have some fun and add some variety to our (potentially) mundane lives.

People were asked to share some of the most classic pranks that never fail to have good results for everyone involved; even the “victims” can’t help but laugh afterwards. Some of these are so good that we might just have to try them out at work…

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Tried and true pranks to add to your arsenal!

Poop Props

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Back in high school me and a couple of buddies were walking somewhere and my friend had to stop in a restaurant to used the bathroom. He desperately had to s**t and the closest place was a diner type joint with restrooms in the back. He had to walk down the one isle of packed booths to get to the bathroom. As soon as the door closed I went to every table and told them my buddy just got a raise at work and he’s downplaying how great it is so when he comes out I’m going to start clapping and I’d love it if everyone will join me.
The door finally opens after 10 minutes. I pop up and shout, give it up for Bill! And the whole restaurant starts cheering. I got them chanting Bill, Bill, Bill! I heard one guy say, ” good job!” Poor Bill was beet red in the face and really confused. He didn’t stop. He didn’t slow. He bolted right passed us outside. I thanked the diners and left. (punkbyte)


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Randomly wave at people, then you pretend you waved at someone behind them. (UnitedStatesOfMatter)