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Toilet Paper Hacks for When Your Phone Dies When You’re in the Bathroom

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Art While You Far–… You Get the Idea

Did you know that if you spend ten minutes in the bathroom at work each day that by the end of the year you’ve been paid an entire 40 hours (or more) simply for going to the bathroom? That’s an entire week of number one and two going straight into your bank account. You can even calculate the exact amount of “poo pay” you make, in case you love numbers and are a sucker for the details.

But contrary to what your employer may think, time spent on the can doesn’t have to be wasted time. Sure, your phone probably goes everywhere with you, and that includes the bathroom. Dirty as it may seem, we all do it, and bathroom phone time might be the only chance you get during the work day to keep up to date on your social media, personal email, and all those raunchy group chats with your college roommates. But there are more productive things that can be done on your downtime!

Ever wonder what people used to do on the toilet (besides the obvious) back before smartphones were omnipresent? Sure, there were books and magazines—or the back of various hair and skin care product bottles—to read, but what if we made toilet time creative time?

The next time you head to the head, take your johnson to the john, or can’t use your phone while on the can, try out these creative toilet paper hacks to leave your office or home commode all the more artsy fartsy — preferably with an emphasis on the ‘artsy.’

toilet paper rolls of toilet paper on blue

Source: Shutterstock/ Franco62

Which of these will you try in your bathroom?

The Envelope

toilet paper origami 1

Source: Imgur/ ruthpick/

Starting with something simple, why not add that extra detail to your lavatory? To zoom in on any of the images, just take a screenshot and keep the diagrams handy for future use!

The Diamond

toilet paper origami diamond

Source: Imgur/ ruthpick/

A diamond in the rough.