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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Clothing Line for Kids with Disabilities

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‘Every kid deserves to wear the same clothing that everyone else does.’

One of the nation’s biggest clothing designers is now offering an entire line devoted to children with special needs. Brand name Tommy Hilfiger recently announced its release of a line of adaptive kids clothes that will look identical to the company’s other offerings, but will be comprised of magnets, velcro and other modifications making them easier to get on and off by children with disabilities. And guess what – all the clothes cost the same.

Find out how one mother, the founder of the nonprofit Runway of Dreams, Mindy Scheier, inspired change in the mainstream brand and (hopefully) the entire kids fashion industry…

mindy scheier with runway of dreams

Source: YouTube/@RunwayOfDreams

One mom can make a heck of a big difference…

Necessity is the mother of invention…

mindy scheier and her family

Credit: Facebook @MindyScheier

When Mindy Scheier’s son Oliver came home from school and asked his mother to buy him a pair of jeans because his friends were all wearing them, Scheier wasn’t sure what to do. Her options were limited. Oscar (then 8 years old) has muscular dystrophy, so buying clothes for him was a bit of a challenge, and she knew because of her son’s limited mobility issues he would struggle with the button and zipper, and the size of the jeans would be limited by her his leg braces.

But walking into school with confidence is paramount, a gift any mother wants to give her son. So Scheier decided it was time to instigate change in the options that were available to them.

Scheier looked around for adaptable mainstream clothing that would be comfortable for her son, but found no luck.

mindy scheier with runway of dreams

Source: YouTube @RunwayOfDreams

“It was more important to me to have him walk into school with his head held high than to worry about the other things,” Scheier told The Mighty. “That was when I realized a change needed to happen. Every kid and adult in the differently-abled community deserves to wear the same clothing that everybody else does.”